Using low-frequency soundwaves for a non invasive facial focused on targetted areas

The Environ Focus on Facial uses scientifically proven technology that provides up to 40 times better product penetration of the active serums; taking an ordinary facial to the next level.

This facial uses low-frequency Sonophoresis (sound waves) with high performance serums to target problem areas.

Choose the facial that best describes your skin condition or desired outcome:

  • Environ Focus on Frown Facial - targeted treatment to help reduce the appearance of expression and frown lines.
  • Environ Focus on Eye Facial - a targeted treatment to visibly improve the appearance of dehydration and fine lines around the eyes.
  • Environ Focus on Texture - targeted treatment to improve rough skin texture and achieve smooth, soft complexion.
  • Environ Focus on Even Tone -targeted treatment to focus on pigmented areas and brighten skin tone. 
  • Environ Focus on Neck and Jaw (Submental Zone) - targeted treatment to improve and tighten sagging skin on the neck and jaw area.

The result is a skin looking firmer, plumper & rehydrated; and lines and wrinkles appear more diminished. Each facial option comes with a complimentary skin consultation to make sure we are choosing the best facial option for your concerns and skin condition!


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