About Our Beauty Clinic

Wondering what makes Beauté different from anywhere you have been before? Our level of care and range of treatments. We have a large team of skilled Therapists that allows us to be experts in a wide range of fields within the Beauty Industry.

We are locally owned and operated – and are constantly thriving to show our clients we want and know what is best for them. We listen to your needs and cater your treatment around that or offer advice on what can help you further towards your goals, whatever that may be.

We continue to update our skills to make sure we are providing you with the best treatments we can possibly give, and our ongoing education of our products provide us with knowledge to help you get the best possible outcome you can from those products.

Once you walk into our beautiful clinic, you will feel the warmth, energy and love we have for our industry and for you, our clients, and it will make you feel like you never want to leave. You are our priority as soon as you walk in the door.

Franca Vallinoti

Franca Vallinoti

Owner and General Manager

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce (University of South Africa);  Diploma of Public Relations (Damelin Business School);  Diploma of Project Management (Damelin Business School)

Business Experience: 22 years in the Business and Information Technology industry running IT implementation and transformation projects, and successfully leading teams to secure multi-million dollars with of business; working and living in South Africa (Johannesburg), Spain (Barcelona), United Kingdom (London), New Zealand (Wellington), Australia (Sydney), Singapore, United States (New York). Owner and General Manager of Beaute for 3 years.

What I have learned about the Beauty industry: I have always believed that you can never over service your clients enough. In this industry particularly our client's should always feel cared for in an environment that is safe. I love being part of our client's journey, whether mind, body or soul. Seeing a beautiful transformation in our clients, who trust us and who find comfort in visiting our salon is a great indicator that we are doing something right. If our clients can leave our salon feeling empowered and confident to take on the world, then we have done our job!