Massage focused on back, arms, legs, hands, head, neck, and shoulders

A full-body therapeutic Swedish massage that covers back, arms, legs, hands, head, neck, and shoulders; as well as men's chest as required. The Swedish massage is a good fit for beginners. 

Swedish massage targets the superficial layers of muscle and focuses on the parts of your body that tend to hold the most tension, such as your neck, shoulders, and back.

The benefits of a Swedish Massage can counteract all the sitting that we do, can help with easing muscle pain, relieve headaches and improves sleep. It also helps with soothing anxiety and depression through the form touch therapy.

You will be able to ask your Beauté Therapist to focus on any troublesome areas, and recommend 90 minutes if your muscles are particularly sore.

60 Minute Massage ($102)

90 Minute Massage ($149)


$90 - $139 Book Now
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