Pedicure that removes hard, callused skin on feet and neutralises the heel to its optimum PH level

The pedicure is a 30-minute treatment and is ideal clients who are concerned with dry and rough skin on their feet as it removes hard, callused skin and neutralises the heel to its optimum pH level and is considered the "facial for your feet'. 

MediHeel Pedicure is an advanced procedure where the feet are treated with a chemical peel specifically designed for effective exfoliation on dry, cracked skin on the heels and feet. 

The pedicure includes:

~The ELIM chemical peel.
~Heel buff & exfoliation with active ingredients such as Glycolic and Shea butter.
~Nail & cuticle work.
~Quick foot massage.

It does not include the Anti-bacterial foot soak and Bentonite Clay mask, luxurious foot massage or varnish. We recommend considering the ELIM MediHeel Spa Pedicure for the full experience.

It can be used as a stand-alone treatment OR as an add-on to any treatment such as an eye trio, massage, facial or waxing.


French Add-on ($11)

Gel Upgrade ($22)

Gel Removal - without reapplication ($25) 

$69 Book Now
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