Limited Edition seasonal facials that change twice a year

Each Sothys treatment utilises cosmeceutical-grade solutions for specific skin requirements. Erase skin imperfections, correct the signs of ageing and intensively hydrate with these cutting-edge formulations and customised protocols.

The Sothys Limited Edition seasonal Facial (60 min) is released twice a year - Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. It incorporates a dose of oxygenating benefits and minerals to boost radiance, leaving the skin beautiful, revitalised, soothed and radiant.

Targeted for all types of skins including fragile and sensitive skin types, the facial includes enzyme exfoliant, massage, treatment serum and rubberised moulding mask.  

Sothys Limited Edition fragrances are created in their own garden in France, and no two seasons are the same smell. 


Sothys renews its chronobiological treatment offer with the ‘Limited Edition’ Passionfruit and Acai Berry Seasonal Facial Treatment and Body Escape.  A treatment with Passionfruit for its antioxidant and protective properties and Acai Berry known for its energising and nourishing properties. With a dose of oxygen associated with with a cocktail of minerals to boost the skins defence system before Winter.

All Body Scrub treatments are available in this delicious Passionfruit and Acai Berry to compliment the 45 minute facial treatment.



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