SOS Relief Cream supports the most sensitive compromised skins

SOS Relief Cream

Key Active Ingredients:

Neurodefence Complex



Tocepheryl Acetate: Vitamin E.

Calm De Age®: Derived from Palm Date seeds slows down cell proliferation, supports anti-aging. Vasoconstriction provides relief for Rosacea & dark circles. Symglucan: Promotes healing, stimulates fibroblast growth & collagen synthesis. Protects against UVR. Boosts skin immune defence.

Gapture®: Improves skin gap functions reducing TEWL and barrier function.

Main Benefits:

  • For the most sensitive skins
  • Calms & soothes
  • Heals & Strengthens
  • Rebuilds & repairs
  • Boosts skin immunity
  • AntioxidantPerfect for any compromised skin needing ICU
  • Vasoconstriction- reduces redness
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